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JSB 6.35MM .251 KO KNOCKOUT SLUGS 33.49GR - 150'S

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These pellets are manufactured soft for easier expansion, providing incredible hydrostatic shock on impact which can be heard by the massive clap sound produced on impact. Their penetration is not much as they will deform rather quickly, even w/ a 40+ fpe rifle, causing a lot of inertia due to its Buller

Brand: JSB

Caliber rifle intended for: 6.35mm / .25

Projectile shape: Bullet shaped; broad at the rear w/ JSB's proprietary rear pellet indentation. Narrows gradually toward the front w/ shallow hollowed tip at the front.

Pellet length (mm): 8


Packed per: 150

Ballistic coefficient : 0.092

Weight - 2.170 g / 25.39gr

Diameter - 7.70

Packaging - 200 pc

Slugs work best in conjunction w/ higher powered / FAC air rifles (>12 fpe)

Most shooters recommend a 600mm or 700mm barrel and +900 ft/s setting.

Whilst the JSB Jumbo Heavy King MK II weighs similarly (33.95gr, BC: 0.046), these will hit harder, further downrange.


JSB 6.35MM .251 KO KNOCKOUT SLUGS 33.49GR - 150'S - NeonSales
JSB 6.35MM .251 KO KNOCKOUT SLUGS 33.49GR - 150'S

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