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DIABOLO STRATON JUMBO cal .22 - popular Hunter pellets in 5.5 mm caliber made by JSB Company.  It is an extremely effective ammunition, it gives all energy to the target during hit. It has the perfect shape to break targets, hunts, competitions. High quality of workmanship guarantees excellent accuracy. For shooting at medium distances. Smooth goblet, without knurling. 

Stable trajectory of the flight and excellent target piercing is guaranteed by a pointed head (Pointed). Its speed is vo = 175 m/s for airguns with energy up to 16-17 J.

Diabolo Straton Jumbo is produced by the Czech Republic JSB Company (Josef Schulz Bohumin Match Diabolo a.s.), which appeared on the market in 1991 due to the former sports shooter. Pellets from JSB are known and appreciated by users all over the world, including athletes who often scored the highest marks at various championships and olympics.

Recommended for strong pneumatic air rifles by HatsanArms. PCP rifles: AT-44, BT65, GALATIAN, HERCULES, HERCULES BULLY, NOVA, TROPHY, GLADIUS, BULLBOS. Spring-loaded piston rifles or VORTEX gas springs, among others MOD 55S, MOD 70, MOD 80, MOD 90, MOD 95, MOD 125, MOD 135, TORPEDO 100X, TORPEDO 105X, TORPEDO 150, TORPEDO 155, STRIKER EDGE, STRIKER AR, STRIKER 1000, APACHI, PROXIMA.

Technical Specification:
Product number: 546238-250
Name: Diabolo Straton Jumbo cal .22
Caliber: 5.5 mm / .22
Weight: 1.030g / 15.89 gr
Shape: Pointed
Finish: Smooth
Material: Lead
Packaged: 250
Producer: JSB, Czech Republic

These are really nice if you want to take a break from the HADES and jumbo heavy's, to get more penetration out of your shots for those tougher birds that always seem to magically deflect one's pellets.

From the manufacturer's website;

"Characteristics: The right choice for real hunters (if allowed in the country). Pointed profile for better penetration.

This lighter variant is suitable for most commonly available air weapons of lower to medium strength.

Muzzle velocity when setting the weapon to 16J: 175m/s.

Do you want to experience a little action and adrenaline of a real hunter? Our Stratons have pointed heads that give your projectile the required penetration. Enjoy the feeling when you hit exactly and destroy your target, whether it is a ceramic pigeon, a tin squirrel or a paper rat. Stratons are also popular for pest control (in countries where this is permitted by law). I work very well from most main and at different levels of muzzle velocity settings."

JSB 5.5MM STRATON JUMBO 15.89GR- 250'S - NeonSales South Africa

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