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JAVELIN SLUGS 26GR .218 - 200'S

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Experience long distance precision with minimal external interference using JAVELIN SLUGS 26GR .218 - 200'S. Incorporating a tangent ogive and smooth shank, PATRIOT has reduced drag, ensuring stable flight in turbulent conditions.

Its weight distribution and balance provide an optimal BC for diverse barrel designs, twist rates, and velocities. Get ready for an unrivaled hunting experience with our devastating slugs featuring soft lead, deep hollow points, and a large meplat for explosive impact and maximum energy transfer. Perfect for small game hunting enthusiasts.


  • Javelin Gen 2 Slugs “26gr” .218
  • CALIBER: .218”
  • WEIGHT: 26gr
  • COUNT: 200pcs
  • RA4 BC: 0.081
  • G1 BC: 0.089
  • Average BC: calculated at 950fps (20°C / 68°F at sea level)
JAVELIN SLUGS 26GR .218 - 200'S - NeonSales South Africa
JAVELIN SLUGS 26GR .218 - 200'S

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