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Introducing the new iDS 806 system an upgrade from the 805 which will no longer be available on the market, a minor change has been put into place, firstly from the 805 wall mount 16 VAC transformer will be replaced with a 24V DC Power Supply which will provide more power to your system as this time you will get direct current to your system.

The second thing is that iDS has developed a PC Board that is small and portable in size which means you have enough space around your panel to insert your accessories like your receivers or your modules,

The third thing applicable to your alarm system would be using an Xwave Module which will allow you to use wireless passives and wireless door contacts, you could use them both ways wired and wireless compatibility which means less cables and less effort required.

The System is however still a basic system which is still limited to 8 zones which cannot be expandable, Ideal for a basic start up alarm system this is recommended and affordable for your home.

One of the main benefits to this alarm system is installing an iDS HYYP IP LAN/WiFi Module which is sold separately, this allows you to link your alarm system to your to your smartphone by downloading the HYYP App. Receive notifications, updates and reports on your smartphone without having to worry or stress about your alarm. The HYYP IP/LAN module can be purchased using this link below :


  • 8 Programmable zones
  • Separate box tamper zone
  • 5 on-board programmable outputs
  • Additional arm status output on the keypad
  • 1000 event log
  • Automatic arming
  • Optional tamper by zone identifcation
  • Up / downloadable using iDSwift2 (Direct USB Interface or GSM using HYYP)
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Over the air firmware updatability


What's in the box :

-1 x 806 PC Board including panel

-1 x 806 8-Zone Keypad 

-2 x Optex Saver Indoor Wired PIR

-1 x iDS 12V 7A Battery

-1 x 15W Siren

-1 x 24VDC Power Supply

-2 x Emergency Panic Buttons

-2 x Magnetic Door Contacts(Pair)

IDS 806 ALARM WIRED KIT - NeonSales South Africa

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