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This is quite the interesting spring-cocking pistol, closely resembling the H&K USP, w/ the addition of a frame-mounted compensator, which in firearm application, would basically be for the purpose of reducing felt-recoil as well as muzzle rise per shot fired. On this BB gun, it is purely cosmetic and does lend for a pleasant, if not outright awesome visual appeal. It can be removed by the set of Philips drive screws on the right face of the gun.

In this application, it really is just a TACTI-cool addition; in addition to this feature, this pistol features a fully checkered grip - stippled grip panels and the iconic pyramidical checkering on the backstrap as well as the frontal side of the handle. The magazine release is also the ramped bit w/ ascending stepped serrations on its diagonal form, implying that it is a lever intended on being pushed downward (it is ambidextrous, just like on the firearm counterpart). This will fully release the magazine, where after gravity will do its job, so just be mindful. The slide catch release has that typical dart shape you'd anticipate on a good USP replica and of course, the broad dish of the tab, w/ long serrations along its very gradual slope. In case you were wondering - yes - this slide catch is fully functional!
The hammer can be cocked on its own / remotely, however, this will not necessarily you to discharge the gun. The slide has to be racked for each shot, which engages the spring, priming it for the trigger release, which of course will fire the magazine-loaded shot.

Once you rack the slide after your last shot is fired, the slide catch will engage and hold the slide back. As you might have guessed- the blowback rod is spring loaded, so releasing the catch, automatically resets the slide. If you happen to have replaced the empty magazine w/ a full one and release the slide catch, a loaded shot will be chambered.

The safety is a lever by the rearmost of the slide, that hinges at the back and lifts at its front. It can only be engaged once the gun has been cocked, otherwise, it cannot and will likewise, not budge.

The extractor of course, is moulded in and has authentic-looking dimensions. You'll also find that the cocking serrations of course, as the main working part of the gun, is pronounced and very grippy. The slide racks w/ out much cocking force required.

The trigger guard loop has a frontal index finger rest, for when brandishing this gun is ready mode - your finger is close enough to the trigger to curl the frontal digit in to squeeze the trigger unobstructed, yet sufficiently distant to avoid setting the gun off merely by an unintended flinch / impulsive tightening of the muscle.

Otherwise, we do strongly recommend this gun as a cheap practicing tool that does not feature the shortcomings otherwise associated w/ CO₂ pistols and/or blank guns.

Also really nice as a gift for an underaged, but prospective shooter who might not yet be responsible enough to handle something that can potentially cause harm or damage to property.


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