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ASA adapters available now for UMAREX T4E range of home defence markers, namely:
HDR50, HDP50, HDS .68 only.
Compatible w/ any paintball tank w/ ASA threading, though we recommend using only CO2 in this case, particularly either the 3 OZ or 4 OZ tank as shown below. Not only will these give you a however shotcount on your gas reservoir, but in the case of CO2, you shot power will be increased as well, as the more volume a CO2 tank has, the better liquid compresses inside of it and likewise, the higher the compression of the CO2 as it flashes from liquid to gas when the valve is opened.
We brought these in as an alternative to the ROCKET KEY upgrade alot of you may be familiar with - in this case, to justify extra shot consumption, you need more juice and the CO2 capsules will not do it.
On the HDR50 / HDP50, this will give your hand marker an "extended magazine" feel and the added weight won't be too bothersome.
We have the shorter adapter available as well - but you'll need to tool the base of your marker's handle irreversably to coax the fit, for those enterprising workshop guys out there looking for a more flush fit.
These adapters are 5052 Aluminium manufactured and hard-plated, not cheaply spray painted. You'll need to use a taphead valve on your tank in conjunction with this product on your T4E home defence marker, not the pinhead type, as the through-let does will not depress the pin on the latter. 

If you are taking one of these adapters, then we can install, free of charge, one of the taphead valves on a tank of your choice. As for the price on the taphead valve, as well as a rundown on it, please check the product here.

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