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The VECTIS is another addition to the family of HATSAN PCP rifles in the 185cc / 200 BAR class, such as the Bullpup and Flash and therefore, the power as well as the amount of shots you can expect to get, will follow in those footsteps. That being said, this rifle has a few features that makes it stand out, which lends to it its own claim to being a "tactical" grade of PCP rifle;

Firstly, the rate of fire on this rifle, is the closest thing to semi-auto that these HATSAN PCPs can offer - the lever action works incredibly fast and once you get the hang of it, you'll readily be able to fire off near-supersonic shots in rapid succession. Follow-up shots on this gun will be no hassle for you. The advantage that this has over the semi-automatic style is that, semi-auto PCP rifles cannot shoot as such under 100 BAR of pressure and become a bolt action rifle thereunder. Those rifles' bolts tend to be stiff as well and cocking those after each shot fired, can be a bit of a hassle.

Firing cycle set aside, this PCP rifle is one of the only HATSAN PCPs to feature flip up sights and that w/ fibre-optic inlays. So, you can keep your rifle onm standby and when you need to use it, you just flip both up, one after the other and you're ready to take aim.
The rifle has a rifle-long strip of Picatinny rail traversing the uppermost of the rifle, so you are at liberty to affix a telescope, a 45º Picatinny rail offset w/ a laser or flashlight mounted or you can offset your sights if you're so inclined.

This rifle does also feature an under-stock Picatinny rail, so the option for mounting a bipod is there as well.

This rifle comes w/ 2x 12 shot magazines, allowing for a generous pre-loaded 24 shot supply. 
The barrel end moreover, has a muzzle break / air stripper, that will strip off extraneous air that would otherwise destabilize the pellet as it leaves the rifle.

As a home defence tool, we would highly recommend something like this over, for example, the TIPPMANN TMC ELITE, if alot of power if needed and for the case that a paintball marker would be inadequate for the job. The stock is otherwise synthetic / all weather rated and the externals are all-steel. The air can be kept insider of the air reservoir indefinitely and should, as a matter of fact, remain pressurized at all times at, atleast 1000 PSI of pressure. No taps you need to open to pressurize your gun and no under-performing rounds. Just hard hitting goodness.
    • Manual loading, lever action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.
    • Available in .22 (5.5mm) only
    • Detachable 12-shot magazine in .22 (5.5mm)
    • Fully shrouded, precision rifled and choked barrel for accuracy.
    • Integrated sound moderator.
    • Picatinny rail along the receiver & barrel for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts.
    • Ambidextrous, all weather, tactical style thumbhole synthetic stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece.
    • Picatinny rail beneath the forearm.
    • Checkering on grip & forend for better control & feel.
    • Ventilated rubber butt pad.
    • 165cc volume steel air cylinder tube (not detachable)
    • Built-in pressure gauge in the forearm to monitor the cylinder pressure.
    • Patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced.
    • Manual safety.
    • Foldable design adjustable rear sight with Truglo fiber optics. Rear sight can also be detached from the picatinny rail.
    • Foldable design front sight with Truglo fiber optics. Front sight can also be detached from the picatinny rail.
    • Quattro Trigger: 2-stage full adjustable match trigger for trigger travel and trigger load.

    Technical Specifications;





    5.5mm / .22cal

    Max. Muzzle Velocity (*)

    295m/s (970fps)

    Energy (*)


    Magazine Capacity


    Air Tube Volume


    Fill Pressure

    200 BAR

    Number of Shots per fill


    Number of Shots at Optimal Velocity



    Advanced polymer, monte carlo cheekpiece.

    Overall Length

    1050mm (41.3”)

    Barrel Length

    450mm (17.7”)

    Average Weight

    3.2kg (7.1lbs)


    * Velocity results may vary as much as 20% due to pellet weight, pellet shape, temperature, elevation, as well as other factors.


    Here's a video from our favoiurite air rifle reviewer on this product;



    Likewise, from ALPHA MILITARIA;

    Then likewise, for those who thought a silencer w/ this rifle wasn't possible, lo and behold (although you could just remove the muzzle brake w/ a cutting tool and just thread the silencer onto the barrel threading 😂;


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