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Hard-shooting little bullpup rifle that produces alot of bark per shot. This rifle is not as lightweight for example, as the P15, but it is comparably more robust built as are all HATSAN rifles. All the parts in question, that you can touch on this rifle is either Turkish wallnut or solid steel.
Alike all HATSAN PCP rifles, you'll have clear hydro-testing certification printed on the reservoir, also w/ a date to indicate when the next is due.

The air reservoir comes w/ a plug to counteract ingress, being a 165cc / 200 BAR air reservoir (exactly like the FLASH'). Unlike the P15, you'll have a factory mounted cheekpiece for an elevated cheek weld and of course, a dedicate steel Picatinny rail which you can mount a one-piece mount ring on should you so choose. The long rail allows for a generous amount of eye-relief freedom. 

The safety is a manual type which is actuated in front of the trigger and can readily be done just by lifting one's index from the trigger and pushing against the safety, which is quite intuitive and simple. No fidgety crossbolt safety that is integrated into the trigger itself.

This rifle is not supplied with open sights of any kind, so a scope or at the very least, a budget red dot sight for target acquisition will be necessary.

Otherwise, the cocking lever can be a bit stiff, however, we recommend this product to help overcome its stiffness, as its size and rubbery texture allows for ample grip, making the cocking action a breeze.

Another cool feature of course, is that this rifle is supplied w/ 2x 12 shot magazines and a single pellet loader. The pistol grip and the underbarrel Picatinny rail, does help to make this rifle the bees' knees.

Our overall impression of this rifle, despite beinbg unregulated, is quite high. The fact that you can attach a silencer of your choice w/ no adapter necessary is another plus point on its own.


  • Bullpup design, manual loading, side bolt action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.
  • Precision rifled choked barrel for accuracy, threaded for ½ ‘’ UNF sound moderator & fitted muzzle cap.
  • Available in .177 (4.5mm), .22 (5.5mm) and .25 (6.35mm) caliber.
  • Detachable 14-shot magazine in .177 (4.5mm), 12-shot magazine in .22 (5.5mm) and 10-shot magazine in .25 (6.35mm) caliber.
  • Includes 2 magazine and a quick-fill nozzle.
  • Black anodized aluminum receiver.
  • Picatinny rail for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts.
  • Ambidextrous bullpup wooden stock. Picatinny rail beneath the forearm.
  • “EasyAdjust” Elevation Comb – Stock equipped with integrated elevation adjustment button.
  • Ventilated rubber butt pad.Picatinny rail beneath the forearm.
  • Checkering on grip & forend for better control & feel.
  • Rubber butt pad.
  • 165cc volume aluminum air cylinder tube (not detachable).
  • Built-in pressure gauge in the forearm to monitor the cylinder pressure.
  • Patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced.
  • Manual safety.
  • Quattro Trigger: 2-stage full adjustable match trigger for trigger travel and trigger load.
  • Black metal trigger.
  • Adjustable cheekpiece with integrated adjustment wheel
  • Precision rifled and choked barrel
  • Patented anti-knock system prevents gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced
  • Combo Picatinny and 11mm dovetail rail
  • Quattro Trigger: 2-stage fully-adjustable match trigger
  • Fixed 165cc air cylinder, 200 BAR, 2,900 psi


Model                                            FlashPup
Caliber                                           5.5mm / .22cal
Max. Muzzle Velocity (*)               295m/s (970fps)
Energy (*) Joules                           42
ft.lbs                                              31
Magazine Capacity                       12
Air Tube Volume                          165cc
Fill Pressure                                  200 BAR
Number of Shots per fill               95
Number of Shots at
Optimal Velocity                           40
Stock:                                            Ambidextrous bullpup wooden stock. Elevation adjustable comb.
Overall Length                              645mm (25,4”)
Barrel Length                               450mm (17.7”)
Average Weight                           2.73kg (6lbs)

* Velocity results may vary as much as 20% due to pellet weight, pellet shape, temperature, elevation, as well as other factors.


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