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From the manufacturer's website:

"Lockable pistol case

The GLOCK lockable pistol case has room for one pistol and is made of durable black polymer and egg-crate foam lines the interior. Two latches snap the case shut securely and a molded-in handle makes transport easy. For additional security there is a key lock integrated in the case which comes with two keys."

This is a really nice tamper proof case. Certainly not the hardest and most rigid polymer on the market, but for commuting purposes, this is fine. 
When picking up this case, you'll feel that the handle halves have the same sort of finger grooves as you'll find on a GLOCK pistol grip. The latches do positively click into place, no less from what we expected. It features the necessary moulded extras to allow this case to stand upright or lie down on either of its sides. The sides, btw, are mirror-symmetric, meaning that, if you rotate the case on its upright axis, you'll see the GLOCK logo embossed on the covers appear identical, whereas if you were to rotate it along its medial axis, the debossing would appear reversed.

 The clips bear all the official licensing marks and once flicked open, youll find a layer of eggtray foam on both interior sides. There is a nylon bristle brush head w/ brass threading inside, for 9mm / .357, also a plastic ram rod w/ eyelit, wherein the aforementioned threads onto. The keys are packaged separately and concealed underneath the shorter strip of foam inside the case. You receive a double set of the keys, as illustrated.

Aside from featuring really great tolerances and a nicely rounded sleek and flush appearance, perhaps one of the greatest key features that impressed us, is that the key can be inserted in either way, solong as it will fit in, the key will be able to actuate the lock. The way in which you insert the key, determines whether the case will lock clockwise or counter-clockwise; another stroke of ingenuity from GLOCK - as we expected no less from GLOCK.

You have to turn the slotted key a full circle before it will lock. Once locked, the clips will be unable to actuate. You can lock the case with or w/out the clips flipped up into locking position and a stub does protrude just above the locking side clip's notch, to give a visual cue that the case is locked, saving you the effort of needing to physically check whether the case is locked or not.

It is overall a great case for commuting and to have as a travel buddy to keep your backup / range GLOCK in, although not really intended for heavier duty applications, although the case does have quite a bit of flex and we predict that it might  be able to take a beating.


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