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The Combat Machine Firehawk M4 Stubby is an Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is created to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB circumstances.

The weapon includes a Compact Four Point RIS Rail, enabling the accessory of a wide variety of Grips, Torches, and Lasers, as well as a Full Length Top Rail for including a variety of Sights and Scopes.

The Stock of the Rifle is adjustable, and goes up to 6 positions and can be locked in location using a lock and release lever. The receiver also includes an ambidextrous sling plate, enabling the attachment of a sling no matter which hand you make use of. The front and rear sight are removable which allows the accessory of longer sights and scopes.

This rifle is ideal for a range of Airsoft Skirmishers, varying from Beginner to Experienced, and is perfect for CQB environments.

This design also has a RIS – Flashlights, lasers, foregrips, optics – this gun is customisable to the absolute extreme – make it your very own! Detachable rear sight, metal features like the charging handle, rear sight, barrel and front sight, ejection port cover (which conceals the quickly available hop for mid-skirmish modifications) textured pistol grip all vouch for this weapons quality.

The G&G FireHawk FHK M4 Stubby was made within the Combat Machine Project which goal is to deliver high class replicas in the price which can be considered affordable. The Combat Machine replicas characterize themselves by the highest standards.

The primary aspect enabling the low cost of these Combat Machines is the use of a high quality polymer body instead of metal, the body itself is made from toughened plastic strengthened by fiberglass – just like the front grip, the stock or nearly all plastic elements. On the other hand, the external barrel, the stock’s pipe, the tactical sling accessory points, the magazine casing and the majority of the small elements were made of metal.

The replica is geared up with a reinforced V. 2 Gearbox with 8mm ball bearings.

  • Such an enjoyable AEG to shoot, the Firehawk is not for the faint of heart; the sound output of this AEG is extremely loud and sounds fantastic in indoor environments!
  • Built upon the same great internals as the GR/CM series of AEGs.
  • The Firehawk is much more compact than the rest of the G&G range, coming in at only 540mm with the stock retracted.
  • Sports a unique flared flash hider which gives the AEG a fantastic look and adds to the incredible noise it makes.
  • There is no blowback on this model, but the charging handle does cycle the dummy bolt, exposing the hop-up adjustment wheel.
  • Metal parts are abundant, including the flared flash hider/barrel, stock tube, bolt cover, charging handle, magazine release, rear sight tower and bolt catch.
  • High-capacity moulded plastic 300rd magazine included.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit is accurate and maintains its setting.
  • A 20mm top rail traverses the upper receiver for attachment of any 20mm optic.
  • Front and rear sights are mounted onto this 20mm rail and are highly adjustable, as well as removable. They are also lockable flip-up sights which can be folded down out of the way of an optic.
  • Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards and released.
  • Very cool Magpul-style stock is adjustable to six different positions. It extends to give the rifle a maximum length of 635mm.
  • Has a very respectable range and rate of fire.
  • The compact Li-Po battery is housed inside the stock tube (not included)
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 2260g
  • Length: 540-635mm
  • Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh small stick Li-Po (not included)
    Charger: not included

Fire Selector: Semi, Semi Auto, Full Auto
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds High Capacity Wheel Wound (Hi-cap).
Feet Per Second (FPS): 300-320fps (Using 0.20 g BBs).
Powered By: Battery (not included)
Hop Up: Adjustable behind mock Bolt Cover.
Length: 54cm.
Weight: 2.2 kg.

Other Features:

Complete Length Top Rail.
Compact Front Four Point RIS rail.
Special Flash Hider.
Unique G&G Style Magazine.
Rear Ambidextrous Sling Plate.
6 Point Sliding Stock.
Mock Forward Assist.
Functional Mock Charging Handle and Bolt Cover.
Stock Slide Lock.
Flash hider doubles as a Sound Amplifier.

G&G ARMAMENT FIREHAWK BABY AR-15 AEG - 6MM - NeonSales South Africa

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