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The GC16 Predator airsoft rifle is another great quality model prepared by the Taiwanese manufacturer G&G Armament. This electric airsoft gun packs quite a punch and enjoys great appreciation among airsoft afficionados. It looks very realistic, as it’s made mostly of metal. If you are looking for proven equipment, this is definitely the one for you!

GC16 Predator airsoft rifle - characteristics

Top quality materials used to make this airsoft gun guarantee its long life and reliability on the battlefield. All the crucial elements are made of metal - i.e. the outer barrel, mechanical sights, the front grip, the stock guide, the body and, of course, the internal parts. Only the stock and the pistol grip are made of plastic - but not just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill plastic - it’s reinforced with fiberglass. All parts of the airsoft gun fit perfectly together, which contributes to its smooth operation and great performance.

The battery is contained within the telescopic stock. The stock is adjustable: it can be slid out or collapsed, thus adjusting the dimensions of the GC16 Predator airsoft rifle to the shooter’s build and preferences. Thanks to this, the airsoft rifle is more comfortable in use, and this comfort is further increased by the contoured pistol grip, which fits perfectly in the hand. The barrel of the airsoft gun is finished with a 14mm left-hand thread.

The GC16 Predator airsoft rifle features

The GC16 Predator airsoft rifle is extremely functional and allows individual adjustment to the shooter’s preferences. By using the adjustable Hop-Up system, you can change the spin of the BB while shooting and thus affect the airsoft rifle’s performance.

Programmed firing modes are also available, thanks to the innovative ETU-Electric Trigger Unit system. You get basic access to the SAFE - SEMI modes, and then you can also choose the FULL AUTO mode or a 3-shot burst. Setting them up shouldn't be a problem for you. ETU programming consists in placing the selector in the SEMI position, and then holding the trigger in depressed position for about 10 seconds. On the third setting of the selector, the mode of your choice will be activated.

The ETU system has also completely replaced the contact block in the GC16 Predator airsoft rifle and performs a similar function to the MOSFET system. It improves the reaction time to the trigger - each press causes the full cycle of Gearbox v2 operation. The Gearbox itself also deserves to be mentioned. It is made of high-quality parts, so it can power our airsoft gun without any problems.

GC16 Predator airsoft rifle - how can you use it?

The GC16 Predator airsoft rifle will be perfect for open-terrain skirmishes. Thanks to the muzzle velocity of ~ 410 FPS, it can be used both at medium and long distances. You can easily adjust it to your body dimensions - it is possible thanks to both the multi-position stock, which allows the airsoft gun to be adapted to the individual preferences of the user, and the RIS mounting rail, which allows installation of additional equipment, e.g. sights or lighting, if you plan to play airsoft after dark.

G&G Armament also made sure that the GC16 Predator airsoft assault rifle is comfortable to use for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. All the manipulators: selector, magazine release and reloading lever are adapted to each of you, and also prove themselves in situations when it is necessary to transfer the airsoft gun to the other arm. Along with the airsoft rifle, you will receive a set of folding, mechanical flip-up sights and a Hi-Cap magazine.

Featuring an aggressive wire cutter style hand guard this rifle certainly suits the name. This handguard has been updates to M-LOK and gives you plenty of space for your accessories and the 20 mm Weaver rail across the top means you can fit whatever optics you like.

This version also features G&G's updated GOS-V8 stock which has a QD sling swivel and slides adjusts to several lengths.

  • Mosfet
  • Electronic Trigger
  • 105 rd magazine
  • Polymer Body
  • Metal M-lok Rail
  • Flip up sights
  • Rotary Hop
  • Sliding Stock
  • 260 mm inner barrel
  • Overall length: 721 mm
  • Weight: 2550
Model / Replica of M4 / M16
Handguard  M-LOK
Type AEG
Color Black
Hop-up Yes, adjustable
Propulsion Electric
Muzzle Velocity ~1 Joules
Material Aluminium
Caliber 6mm
Weight 2510gr
Length 710mm / 810mm max
Inner barrel length 275mm
Internal diameter 6.08mm
External diameter 8.55mm
Shooting Mode Safety + single + full auto + Burst
Blowback No
Recoil Shock No
Bolt Catch No
Gearbox Version 2, 8mm bearing
Motor Original Torque
Compatible Battery Type Double Stick
Wiring direction Rear wiring
Connectors Mini Tamiya


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