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This balaclava is a bit larger than the previous lot we received. We would refer to this size as 'LARGE' as opposed to the 'MEDIUM' of the previous. Having a larger, looser fitting balaclava really feels more comfortable and less clausterphobic around your head. The visor size is also larger, allowing for a fuller view through the balaclava, which is nice as well. This balaclava will certainly not annoy / irritate you after some time of wear. The material is also highly breathable, so it is ideal for the daytime, however, into the ungodly hours of the night / during colder days, a knitted balaclava will be more handy. Just NB that a materially denser balaclava will impede your hearing ability.


It certainly is nice for what you're paying for, is quite breathable (the entirety of the balaclava is made from nothing but breathable mesh) and suitable for warmer summers. It won't squish your nose nor impair nasal respiration, however, we do not guarentee durability on this product. It will likely be prone to snagging and consequently, tearing / ripping. The balaclava is also black in colour, so factor into consideration that black absorbs heat from the sun and releases heat very slowly. In winter this can be an advantage, though in summer, you might want to catch some shade whenever you can.

Though, as the colour implies, this is quite ideal for night time activities, as black blends in nicely with darkness.

100% Polyester

- Flexible balaclava
- Will cover reliable neck, chin, mouth and nose
- Made of soft, breathable fabric
- Also comfortable wearable under a helmet

Specification :

Name: Military Tactical Balaclava,Warmer Scarf,Full Face Neck Scarf


  • Quick-drying Fast air permeability
  • Dustproof and Windproof
  • Lightweight and elasticity
  • Fit For: Cycling, Hunting, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Wargame, Skiing, Hiking and other outdoor sports
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Weight: About 45g
  • Color: Multi Colors For Choose
  • Size: 33 * 22cm/12.99 * 8.66in
  • Package Include: 1 x Tactical Balaclava Mask
  • Tip: Slight errors in the measurement, not much difference in use. Please rest assured to buy.

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