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This is a nice flint and ferrocum rod set which out of the packaging, comes tied together w/ a slightly knotted piece of string.

The theory here is that iron is a flammable metal, but doesn';t spontaneously combust due to a protective layer it forms over itself. The moment that layer comes off, fire is produced before, within split seconds, the layer regenerates.

Usinf this, the iron rod is scraped and in the direction it is scraped, sparks are spot off. If you accumulate some dry grass, hay and other easily lit material, you should be able to shoot the sparks onto the dry grasses / hay and start a small fire. Please note that it is very important to keep this small fire enclosed, least the wind blows it out, so use your palms right after you lit the dry grass, shield it from any wind and lightly blow on the flame until it starts to grow and spread out across the fuel given. Once you think the flames have sufficiently grown, remove your hands and feel free to start applying more fuel as is necessary.

This method is somewhat primitive, however, it serves as a good backup for a lighter if you are in the winderness and your lighter fails. For creating warmth for the night and for fire to book a meal, this would really come in handly.

PS. Just be sure to get your fire going well before sunset if you are new to sleeping over in the wilderness, as trying to get it started at night with only your SAMSUNG smartphone's light to help you see what you're doing, will be a bit of a hassle.


From the manufacturer's website:

"Mini shape, lightweight, space-saving and easy to carry.

Only consists two simple parts, but owns multi-function. Strung by a black thick string, easy to carry. Function: Flint/Bottle Opener/Scraper, and more functions are waiting for your recovery. Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature Simplicity of operation. High quality, can be used for thousands of times. Patent product.

Made from magnesium and iron, fireproof, water-resistant, shatterproof."


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