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  • Telescopic baton w/ two extending tubes, featuring a flat, solid cylindrical striking tip
  • Compact; 196mm when stowed. Measures at 487mm when fully deployed
  • Deploys very easy, however, please keep the interlocking parts properly oiled.
  • Good for utilizing defensive and offensive techniques - this baton will readily be capable of parrying a range of bush knives / machetes, though might have some difficulty parrying smaller melee weapons. In this case, its superior reach would then be its advantage. This weapon has no sharp edge that will blunten and can easily blunten a machete.
  • Blunt weapon - intended not for rending skin / flesh, but rather for targeting bone / muscle tissue, in order to bloodlessly subdue an attacker. It is short enough to be used indoors as well, though you might experience difficulty with it in concealed spaces.
  • If you keep this baton well lubricated w/ oil, you won't need to bump the head against a hard surface in order to stow it - you should be able to do that with just your palm.
  • The baton won't rust wherever the nickel plating in compromised - if dropped, the metal won't chip bits off either, however,after some negligence, the metal will start to feature faint bumps, though this metal does featuresignificant impact resistance. If taken care of, you can readily expect this baton to last you a number of years to come
  • Carries easily in the hand, concealable, though not recommended for carrying in the pocket, unless you are wearing a heavier duty belt that will be able to handle the added weight.
  • Rubberized grip - has serrations grooves out of the rubber encapsulating the mainshaft periodically at 7mm intervals. The grip does not come loose and rotate freely like on some other cheapie batons. It has the words "POLICE.BATON" embossed.
  • At the rear, there is a piece that threads on, holding the magnet that retains the tubes, preventing them from freely shifting around. The magnet is not properly encapsulated, and after sustaining some hard blows, such as from when the striking end of the baton is punched against a hard surface with the purpose of stowing the baton, then the rear of the cylinders will knock and eventually cause the magnet to fragmentate and come loose in pieces.

For consideration:
Only purchase / carry a telescopic baton if you intend on practicing and honing your ability with it, as you would any martial weapon. You need some skill and determination to parry mellee attacks and moreover, fend off multiple assailants. A weapon does not guarentee your safety - to the contrary, in untrained hands, it can mean the opposite.
Always remember that short/ fast strokes is the key, along with using your offhand arm to defend your torso and head, is a good way to use a baton. You want to rely on the baton's weight and hardness to do the job, crushing your assailant's defence and thereafter, render him incapable of directing force at you.

Please have a look at the ASP baton tutorial hereunder for a good expandable baton demonstration;

then also here, for more aggressive suspect detaining expandible baton katas;


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