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This electric strike release is manufactured by JIS and is designed for use with mortice type latches where you wish to use an access control system to limit access through a door to authorized persons only.

With a universal un-handed design with a detachable faceplate, these are suitable for use on most doors and offer a no-fuss polarity-unconscious set of terminals - as seen in the photos - with no excess wiring, for a basic 12v door release solution.

Also worth noting is that these strikes do offer jaw adjustment. This adjustable jaw takes out a lot of post-installation work, by allowing you to adjust the horizontal position of the lip, allowing you to make minor adjustment without having to remove the strike to chisel off more of the frame to correct any niggling alignment issues.

These are available in both 12v AC and DC models. This 12v AC model is a fail-locked solution and the 12v DC option gives you a fail-unlocked solution, allowing for free egress in the event of power failure. We can also offer 24v AC and DC models as a special-order if required. If you require 24v versions please get in touch and we'll get a quote and lead time for you.

What is fail-locked (fail-secure) and fail-unlocked (fail-safe)?

Fail secure / Fail locked mechanisms require power to unlock. This means in the event of power failure, the door will remain secure but you will not be able to operate the strike to release the door.

Fail safe / Fail unlocked mechanisms require power to stay locked. This means in the event


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