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This is the EKOL -VIPER model (chambered 9x22mm P.A.K) - a really nice revolver, has a classic / retro .38 special look and feel to it. The revolver has that all-metal weight to it, with a realistically operating single and double action, which we find to be a nice touch. You of course, will experience zero recoiling on the revolver, although please do wear hearing protection if operating this and try to discharge it as far away from your face as possible, as these blank revolvers are significantly louder

The gripstocks here are a rubbery compound, diamond checkered w/ two and a half finger scallops. The sights on top resemble those on a firearm.

Otherwise, the trigger guard is slightly oversized for a revolver, so just bear this in mind when selecting a holster - typically holsters intended for firearm revolvers are narrower around the trigger guard and the case here, a revolver holster can work w/ a bit of breaking in.

The cylinder exposes by pressing the tab on the revolver's left face forward, followed by pushing it leftward out. a Single carriage arm suspends the cylinder, whichupon it hinges. In this position, the cylinder freely spools, allowing you to load up your 9x22mm P.A.K cartridges one at the time. Six of them naturally can be accomodated for in the cylinder. Also note that the ejector rod does work and we recommend using it to eject spent cartridges. Please do dump them somewhere responsibly.

Please be aware that revolvers do not feature the typical safety features found on automatic pistols and that a loaded revolver should be treated with the utmost care, with special emphasis on the hammer. This being said, if you practice the utmost caution, you can decock the gun whilst the live cartridge is in the current chamber and it won't go off.

The barrel end is female threaded, so you can thread the flare tip adapter on that is supplied with this product, for use w/ pencil flares. We unfortunately do not stock those, but you can always check boat and fishing shops for those.

The colour otherwise on this revolver is an attractive marble black w/ a pleasant, eye-catching sheen. 

The hammer as you might have guessed, is steel and its cocking tab is serrated to assist in grip traction. Likewise, the trigger is solid steel, which is probably for the best if you intend on using the double action feature frequently. 

Otherwise, feel free to utilize the overhead swing feature this revolver has in self defence - that all metal frame behind the trigger guard as it impacts, will result in harder battering to the head, though just be careful as you would with any dangerous weapon. Also note that if you bugger up the gun in the process of using it as a melee weapon, we cannot be held responsible.

Technical Specifications:

Replica of

Colt Viper 4.5"


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Trigger Action
Single Action, Double Action

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, rubberized grips.


None, unfortunately. 

Ease of Field Strip

Cannot really field strip a revolver. Back in those days, it wasn't necessary - if the revolver didn't fire, just pull the trigger again and the next cylinder will engage. Tried and tested perfection.

Lanyard loophole

Yes, behind magazine floorplate

Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ Phillips drive, diamond checkered rubberized set

Magazine Release

Tab behind the cylinder that has to be pushed forward, thereafter, the cylinder can be flipped out. The shells can be ejected via the ejector rod and new cartridges can be inserted.

Underbarrel Picatinny Rail



Please see the product video hereunder;


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