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 This is one of the lovelier break-barrel action air rifles we've seen in quite some time - the fact that it is manufactured by EKOL, makes it all the more worth-while. Those of you familiar with their excellent range of blank guns, will not even be slightly confounded by the handling, feel, realistic replica weight and ACCURACY of this rifle, due to familiarity with this brand, which repeats throughout all its different product lines.

Though, let's get started  😎;

First and foremost, we have an entirely polymer rifle, with classic ARMALITE features moulded in - upper and lower receiver, fire selector, bolt hold-open lever, magazine release, brass deflector, dust cover, charging handle, field strip pins, both front and rear and your 10 round box magazine that'd ordinarily be for your 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, delta ring and muzzle brake (sort-of). The carry handle is Picatinny-mounted, so is removable by loosening the oversized thumb screws. This business can be replaced w/ a telescope if so desired.
To the rear of this carry handle, you have your rear sight assembly, w/ adjustment drums. They do sort-of positively click in place, likewise, they do index properly, but bear in mind that they are all mostly plastic and whilst functioning very realistic, we recommend using them to set your zero once and leaving them as such. If you'd like to fiddle more regularly with these, look at purchasing a proper UTG military standard carry handle w/ rear sight assembly and use the rifle as such them - the problem with plastic, especially with precision, is repeatability, especially when it comes to adjustment knob tracking, as in this case.

The handguard is nice and lengthy, giving your ample purchase space to affix your offhand grip to. The dummy 5.56x45mm barrel is polymer, hosting the actual .22 barrel inside. When peeking inside, the grooves and landing is clearly apparent. As you might have guessed - the barrel has to be firmly broken, hinged down all the way, to an obtuse angle, where it will suddenly cock and all spring tension will be relieved off the barrel. From there, you can breech-load a single .22 cal pellet, bring the barrel up, locking it in its reset / horizontal position, take aim and fire your pellet - just mind the noise though..

The buttstock on this rifle is the oldest school type of M16 type, non-adjustable, but a lovely piece of vintage replica - almost makes you want to affix a standard hunting rifle sling onto the factory-fitted sling swivels, get your bush boots on and take a trip down memory lane, in pursuit of small game, of course..

The pistol grip is pure contemporary M-16, w/ that signature middle-finger slot, whereas your lower two fingers would share a slot. The diamond checkering is a fresh touch, and much appreciated at that. The handle is neither lean, nor beefy - a solid piece of non-removable furniture that will fit almost any male that can carry a rifle like this around easily.

Overall, our hearts are won by this rifle and the lore it evokes. This solid polymer body will handle hundreds of kilometers of thick bush treks and still look very beautiful.

Oh yes - the rifle does come w/ a safety lever - it would be that little tongue in front of the trigger blade - The right face of the rifle has an directional indicator, to show which position is safe and which position allows discharge of the rifle.

Included in the packaging, you'll receive a free cheapie bipod as well - it affixes just fine onto a barrel. Some oil, target sheets and your instructional manual come included.

Technical Specifications;


CALIBRE .22 cal / 5,5 mm
MUZZLE VELOCITY About 650 FPS w/ 15.89gr pellets
LENGTH 1050 mm
WIDTH 70 mm
HEIGHT 230 mm
WEIGHT 3150 g
PACKAGE SIZE 18 cm X 38 cm X 124 cm
EKOL MOD 550 (M16 REPLICA) BREAK BARREL RIFLE .22 - NeonSales South Africa

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