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600D nylon bag, black, ideally suited for range going;

From the top, there is a double zipper latch w/ double row of MOLLE running along the width of the bag. The zips are controlled simultaneously by the long bar connecting them. This allows for quick open and close, w/out needing to run a single zipper along the entire track. Thereafter, a doubly folded webbing tongue of 22mm in width can be pulled, breaking the velcro retention to reveal the three compartmentalized packing spaces inside;

240mm deep, 190mm wide, the middle pocket is 150mm long whilst the adjacent pockets are 125mm equally. The partitioning is velcro-retained and can thus be removed if so desired. The interior allows for ample ammunition space. The top flat closes easily again and, zips up fast and can be locked w/ a padlock that has a 10mm armbar.

On the face side of the bag, there is a 60mm protruding pouch w/ two zipper rails;

The foremost one allows for a flap to fold out flat with the surface, where three magazine pouches, girdled w/ 38mm elastic band, 120mm deep, can hold loaded magazines.

The collapsed flap can fold open like a book, where the opened flaps are softly lined on the interior, to hug documents and other paperwork, like a sleeve compartment.

Behind this flap, the second zippered compartment, holds a soft sleeve space 200mm deep x 350mm long, w/ minimal width. Herein one can sheath away optical devices if desired and other likewise sensitive devices.

On the left side, there is a 190mm deep x 200mm wide pouch, 50mm in length with no special features on the interior - usable for miscellanous items such as vehicle keys, lens wipes, brochures, instruction manuals, removable scope caps, spare optic batteries, etc. There are three MOLLE webbing rails on the inside w/ 4 slots.

On the right side, there are two vertically joined MOLLE rails w/ velcro covering. a Velcro ID tag can be attached there, etc. This pouch's interior (dimensions) mirrors the one on the other side.

On the rear, there is a 385mm long x 200mm deep mesh pocket w/out any padded width.

Included in this bag, you will find an adjustable 1600mm (1.6m) x 38mm webbing w/ carabiners for clipping this shoulder strap onto the respective D-rings. This webbing comes w/ a sliding textured and rubberized panel for shoulder carrying of hefty bag weights, to prevent the webbing from biting into the shoulder.

Alternatively, this range bag can be carried by its 52mm webbing straps whose supports run down both sides of the bag's height. The handle's appex has a velcro-retainable nylon carry handle that couples the carry handles together.

On the bottom of this bag, there are 5x 50x40 rubber ferrules w/ 12 downward pyramid shapes for resting the bag's weight on. Each corner has one such ferrule, the middle as well.


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