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1x Silencer supplied per pricing only.

Suitable for .177, .22, .25 calibres

Nice, slimline silencer that offers the same sort of silencing power that the TITANIUM LARGE SILENCER offers, but has a considerable smaller cross-section (though more or less the same length). It has a really hearty powder coating, which likewise has a fine textured feeling to the touch, though most people will likely just camo wrap this, which we do recommend doing to protect the silencer from scuffing, while also adding a pleasant aesthetic.

The rearmost end is not coated and has a bare / raw aluminium appearance. Here also you'll find the 1/2" x 22 UNF female threading whereby the silencer will come into contact with - and thread onto your air rifle shroud / barrel. Surrounding this, you have an even distribution of 9 oblong holes which appear only to be part of the endcap design and doesn't go deeper than 5.9 milimeters.

The bore of the silencer is 8mm and through it, you can see 3 chambers, that more or less looks like haircurlers w/ all the holes in the baffles that you can see.

Our opinion of this silencer is exceptionally high - no loose baffles of any kind. The raw aluminium side means that you can put the silencer in upright position w/out worrying that you will hurt the finish.

The caps otherwise, do not appear removable and are fixed in place.

The sides have "DACHS SILENCERS" laser etched, followed by "ICH LIEBE DACHS" (I love Dachs), which btw, is also a German sausage dog. (Friendly dog, just like the silencer, which is quite backyard friendly)

DACHS AIR RIFLE SILENCER, .30 - 1/2X20" UNF - NeonSales South Africa

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