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Holster for Glock 17, 22, 31 (Gen 1,2,3,4) /Glock 17 Gen5 | F-Speeder

Searching for a fast holster to use on the range? Cytac F-Speeder Holster would be the ideal choice for you.

The ideal holster for shooting competitions - the retention security is minimal, having a ramp indent that catches by the trigger guard only. There is a screw just beneath this (closer towards the muzzle end) that can be adjusted, increasing or decreasing the tension that the ramp exerts. Normally for EDC, we recommend as much retention as possible. We also recommend maximum retention as is comfortable when going to the range to practice defensive shooting manuoevres, so that the muscle memory hones properly.

(From the manufacturer's website:)

The Cytac Fast Draw Holster is designed for shooters' needs: security, concealability and ease of draw. The lining perfectly fits the specific handgun;, an updated paddle rides closer to the wearer's body, and the open top allows instinctive draw. 

Adjustable Tension
Each fine holster features adjustable tension to suit the user's preferences. A wide range of available holster bodies offer specialized protection for any line of pistol.

Low Profile
A low profile design allows for high concealability and effortless draw, an ideal replacement for a Kydex or leather holster.

Upgraded Paddle
Upgraded material produces a softer and skin-friendly paddle for a more comfortable carry.

Smart Selection On The Range

Cytac F-Speeder holsters are level 1 type, featuring fast draw. Shooters preferred to select this type for shooting training or shooting competition.

Holster Fit (Item#CY-FG17)

Glock 17, 22, 31 (Gen 1,2,3,4) , Glock 17 Gen5

Fast Draw, Fast Shoot

Every second count for a shooting training or a competition. Combine with open top design and level 1 protection, Cytac F-Speeder holsters tries all efforts to provide fast draw function. Enjoy to speed up to shoot.

Trigger Guard Lock

Trigger guard lock structure is designed. While the firearm is holstered, the 'dormant lock' keeps it stay in the place. Tension is adjustable by loosing or tightening the screws.

CYTAC F-SPEEDER GLOCK 17,22,31 CY-FG17G2 - NeonSales

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