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Product Description

Operated using 12V DC Xylophone sound door phone with 2 wires. Effective Distance : 150m, 0.8mm copper wire. Designed for either desk use or wall mounting. Dry contact door or gate release button.

Upgrade your property's entrance with the Commax DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit, a reliable and user-friendly communication solution designed to enhance security and convenience. This kit provides seamless audio communication between your front door and the indoor unit, ensuring you can easily identify visitors and grant access with a simple press of a button. With its efficient design and trusted performance, the Commax DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit is the ideal choice for residential and small-scale commercial applications.

Clear Audio Communication : Experience clear and uninterrupted audio conversations with your visitors using the Commax DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit. The high-quality audio transmission ensures you can communicate effectively without missing a single detail.

Simple Installation and Operation : Setting up the DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward installation process. The kit includes all the necessary components for a hassle-free setup, ensuring you can quickly start using the intercom system. The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation, making it accessible for all members of your household or business.

Convenient Handset Design : The indoor unit features a compact and ergonomic handset design, offering a comfortable grip during conversations. The handset also includes intuitive buttons for simple controls, allowing you to answer calls and operate the intercom with ease.

12V Power Supply for Efficiency : The DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit operates on a 12V power supply, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective. The low power consumption ensures it can run smoothly for extended periods without putting a strain on your electricity bill.

Durable Build for Longevity : Built with durability in mind, the Commax DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit is designed to withstand daily use and occasional knocks. Its sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan, providing you with reliable communication for years to come.

Enhanced Security with Door Release Function : The intercom kit includes a door release function, enabling you to remotely unlock your front door from the indoor unit. This feature enhances security and allows you to grant access to trusted visitors without physically opening the door.

Compact Outdoor Unit : The compact and weather-resistant outdoor unit blends seamlessly with your property's exterior. With its rugged design, it can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring continuous functionality and clear communication.

Trust in Commax Quality : As a renowned name in the communication industry, Commax has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products. The DP-2SD 1-1 Audio Intercom Kit reflects Commax's commitment to excellence and reliability.

Product Features

  • Ref: IC41-1
  • Weight: 1.1Kg
  • One to One Kit
  • Push button for door/gate release
  • 2 wire with non-polarity

What's Included : 

1 X Commax Handset
1 X Commax Gate Station
1 X User Manual

COMMAX INTERCOM KIT 12V DP2SD/DR-2K - NeonSales South Africa

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