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One of the only TRUE striker-fired blank guns we've seen on the market so far, the BLOW TRZ914 at last, graces us with its presence!

Right off the bat, this gun has a striking semblance to the ZORAKI 914 models, specifically the safety lever, w/ the full auto selection / position open, however, there is a blocker in place that prevents the selector from going into that position.

The gun otherwise, has an all-metal design, lending it a beefy feel inside your hand, whilst simulataneously having a comparable RETAY 84FS / BLOW P29 size. The grip stocks are polymer here, w/ faint stippling and an angled interruption cutting through it for added aesthetic. These gripstocks aren't broad either - quite slim, bulging out a little toward the center.
The trigger guard is oblong, w/ a square stop at the front, similar to your CZ 75's.

The cocking serrations are similar to those on the BLOW MINI 9 - sharp angled cut-ins, w/ the 70° angle directed forward, allowing one to rack the slide easier. Good thing as well, as this blank pistol has one of the stiffest blowback springs we've seen / encountered so far, accordingly, you can be assured that your cartridges will chamber w/out much trouble. 

On top of the actual barrel assembly, which fits w/ the slide, you have that typical CZ dovetail milled out w/ serrations running all along shape on top. The extractor also sits on top, clawing the cartridges out by the rim and as such, instead of being on the right hand side, as you'd traditionally have, you now have the cartridges extract upwardly, instead of to the right. This is certainly different from most every other blank guns we've seen so far.
As hinted at previously - the slide here is only a half slide, like on the RETAY EAGLE X - the barrel assembly top appears flush with the slide, which itself in turn, doesn't cover the barrel whatsoever - only has its body that runs on the frontal slide rails. When in reset / battery, the top of the pistol appears as though there is a traditional slide present. Likewise, when racking the slide, the sound is quite distinct, finer, compared to when racking the slide on the 84FS.

As was mentioned first, this is one of the only REAL striker-fired guns we've seen on the market. Most of the others have an internal hammer, similar to an AR-15, which is present, but not seen. Though similar to a GLOCK, this pistol has a spring-loaded striker which when engaged by cocking the gun, will retain by means of a sear. When released, the striker is pushed forward from the force of the spring's compression load, and would hit the primer cap on the cartridge.

Overall, we think this is a more modern remake of an old classic pistol. Featuring a 14+1 staggered magazine stack, 3.5" barrel, hefty trigger pull that breaks very light and somewhat unexpectedly, just beware of this. The trigger resets a bit average, having a defined two-stage feel.

Our overall impression of this gun is very positive. The stiff spring, the high magazine capacity for an all-metal blank gun of compact size plus the narrower grip stocks, compared to the model P29.

Technical Specifications:

Replica of

Borrows elements from CZ and the ZORAKI 914 range, but striker fired. Odd-ball gun, but really nice to handle and shoot!


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight 863 grams
Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Striker fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, polymer grip stocks


Yes, RH frame mounted safety lever w/ clear markings for FIRE and SAFE. The lgun can be put on safe simply by nudging the lever upward.

Ease of Field Strip

6/10 - Bit of a mission; the front end of the blowback rod has a through-hole for pushing a paperclip through, to pull this rod. You could probably just use crocodile nose pliers as well. Thereafter, the slide catch has to be nudged out. Just let the slide gently off the slide rails, once hitched off at the rear, as the blowback spring is a little stiff - you don't want your slide catapulting to the floor or such.

Lanyard loophole

Unfortunately not, but instead, you have a thick baton head there to knock the sense out of an attacker

Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ Phillips drive (2x screws), geometrically stippled panels w/ narrow profile. No thumb rest, but the aesthetic certainly is there.

Magazine Release

Traditional - nub head that is positive jutted out, easy to find w/out looking and does eject your magazine out for you.

Underbarrel Picatinny Rail


BLOW TRZ914 BLANK GUN - BLACK - NeonSales South Africa

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