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Tactical alternative to the F92 - if the vintage styling doesn't appeal to your needs and if functionality and EDC is of greater importance to you as a Beretta fan, then we offer you the BLOW TR92 - 02, loose replica of the Beretta 92 A2.

This pistol is considerably lighter in weight than its vintage counterpart, the F92, in that, it features a polymer frame w/ finger scallops and a double slot underbarrel Picatinny rail.
The cocking serrations are layered, like scales and features a curvature. They measure 12mm in height and about 28mm in length. The barrel measures in 125mm / 5" and the frontal / muzzle end is female threaded to accept a flare tip attachment. The barrel is exposed out from the long cut-out on the slide, which measures about 100mm. These serrations resume behind the ambidextrous safety, though we don't technically count that, as it won't see any practical use. The safety as mentioned, is ambidextrous and is swiveled in ther 9 'o clock position to fire (right face) and swivels down to 7 'o clock to enter safe mode, which bars the trigger from actuating the sear and by extension, the hammer.
The hammer itself is skeletized, particularly the hitting weight. The skeletization does lend a visually pleasant geometric appeal w/ no curvatures.

The handle itself has diagonal grooves across the scalloping for better traction and the buttplate of thew magazine is slightly curved to compliment the texture pattern.

The trigger is metal as are all the controls. The slide catch release is perhaps among these the only non-Beretta looking features, as it is only a downwardly actuating tab w/ a smooth texture.

 Our overall impression of this pistol is quite positive - lightweight and therefore suitable for EDC, while not detracting from the BERETTA appearance too much / maintaining the intimidating appearance. However, due to the above-mentioned, you won't really be able to use it to pistol whip.


BLOW TR9202 - NeonSales

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