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This is a small kit of parts for the BLOW P29 model, namely the blowback spring, the blowback guide rod and the slide takedown lever. Our names for the parts do differ from what the manufacturer calls them - They speak a type of Turk-lish and name their parts in English accordingly / utilize alot of literal translation. The part numbers nevertheless, are still relevant.

The parts accordingly here included in this deal, is 1 , 2 , 41 respectively. Please see the indicated in the exploded diagram view.

We do not sell the parts loose. If you want one of the parts, you'll need to purchase all three as illustrated. You can always keep the rest as spare.

The are manufactured by BLOW themselves, and come off the same manufacturer lines that supply their assembly lines.

If you might need a different part than what we might currently have available, then please reach out to us and have the part number w/ the make and model of this gun ready. 

BLOW P29 PARTS KIT - NeonSales South Africa

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