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Spare magazine for the Blow mini 9 - Made from sheet metal w/ an anti-corrosion layer. It also features a curved buttplate at the base which retains the magazine spring and removing this, will cause the spring normally to come shooting out, so just withdraw the buttplate into a catch, if you need to.

The side has 5 peepholes to check the amount of rounds left, however, they do not properly line up to count your ammunition left, i.e, when four of your five holes display brass, you actually have 5 rounds still left.

The magazine itself is a single stack type and loads by means of laying the rim into the notch into the front end, pressing downward and then shifting your rounds rearward. This slides them in, securing them / preventing them from just coming out. They likewise eject from the magazine in the reverse order as indicated above, either by hand to clear the magazine or by the slide, when chambering successive rounds.

The buttplate completes the ergonomy on the pistol, which makes handling the BLOW MINI 9 a real pleasure. 

Treat your magazine every now and again w/ some BALLISTOL to ensure that is never overcome by corrosion, esp. pitting, which will create holes in the sheet steel. This is especially a big problem w/ blank guns where the magwell is metal instead of polymer, causing the metal to chafe each other and take the corrosion-resisting layer off gradually. As a permanent fix to this, you are welcome to try something like a metal primer suitable for firearms, then repaint it, though performing adequate research beforehand, is strongly recommended.

BLOW MINI 9 SPARE MAGAZINE - NeonSales South Africa

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