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BLOW F92 NOW AVAILABLE W/ FAUX (FALSE) WOODEN GRIPSTOCKS. As the title implies, this isn't actual wood, but rather plastic that imitates wood by virtue of colour tone and shades. The dimensions, texture and features to these gripstocks, are identical to the usual black plastic ones found on these pistols.


This is the BLOW F92, one of the cheaper Baretta 92(FS) replica blank guns available on the market for all the features you get. There are cheaper ones available, however, they don't give you a full metal frame and likewise, lack alot of the authentic-looking features that this one does sport.

Please try not to excessively dry fire these guns. The trigger assembly will get buggered. This without saying, is not covered by the product warranty and constitutes negligence instead.



The BLOW F92 is a 1:1 BERETTA 92 / VEKTOR Z88 pistol replica in terms of appearance and functions almost exactly the way its firearm counterpart does;

You have the all-metal vintage build of the gun w/out any under barrel Picatinny rail or otherwise any obvious mounting space for optics - the top of the slide is cropped, leaving the rounded upper half of the barrel exposed. Likewise, your ejection port here opens thoroughly so the cartridges has a wide angle of ejection possible. The sights are similar to those of the BERETTA, however, the rear sight does not have a white dot, but it has the shape. The cocking serrations are the forwardly slanted series w/ ample grooving - there are 16 of them, so there is a lengthy grid of them to latch one's pinching grasp on to. Failing that, there is the ambidextrous safety w/ the forwardly pointing lever ends that can be used as traction mediums to rack the slide. Speaking of which - the rear uppermost section of the grip stocks are nipped out a little to better reach - and toggle, the lever safety; it swivels from the 9 o' clock position, down to the 7 o' clock position (when facing the left face of the gun) and has clear "F" and "S" indicators on both sides. The lever arm itself is tripple stepped both along its upper (going down) and its lower (in ascending order) to allow for better traction as you would toggle the switch in whichever direction. The hammer as well, is horizontally serrated w/ an indentation just over the apex of its form, which the thumb end can nestle into when pulling the hammer back. The hammer here also has a hole drilled right-through like you'd have on the BERETTA.

The slide catch' rampart is likewise stepped and easily reachable w/ one's thumb alone. On the other side, you'll also have the eexternal trigger arm that attaches to the sear, that slips in under the right grip stock. As for the field strip lever - this toggles 90° clockwise to 6 o' clock and is then pushed out from the other side and/or pulled out from the left face. However, we found that if you rack the slide a little, pinch the blowback rod and pull it forward (with your hand), you should be able to shake the lever out, which should drop freely to the left. Thereafter, the slide comes off at the rear and slides forwardly off the barrel.

The gripstocks are broad for a BERETTA 92 replica, and they are diamond checkered, although, the checkering isn't prononced like you'd have on the MOD 92. On either side, the grip stocks are secured by a pair of flush-fitting button head phillips drive screws, w/ vague vertical serrations on the backstrap as well as the front side of the handle.

This pistol does not feature a locking block like on a BERETTA as there is no need for it on a blank firing pistol and likely to save on cost, the manufacturers decided to manufacture the pistol this way.

The magazine capacity is 16+1 9x22mm P.A.K, double stack, whose retention can be toggled by the magazine release button (also w/in thumb reach whilst holding the pistol gripped. It furthermore has concentric serrating on it for added traction.

Behind the magazinbe buttplate, you'll also have the lanyard loophole, which is all-metal and can be put to practical use.

Overall, a very sizeable and weighty masculine gun which alot of people do like, though not perfectly suited in our opinion, for IWB carry.

The muzzle end of the barrel does feature female threading, so you should be able to install a flare tip adapter, should you so wish.

Technical Specifications:

Replica of

BERETTA 92, VEKTOR Z88 (no licensing marks)


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, plastic grip stocks


Yes, ambidextrous thumb switch on rear of slide

Ease of Field Strip

7/10 – Very intuitive, though the blowback rod must be pulled forward for the takedown lever to reinsert. Since the blowback spring isn't too stiff, you can hold that rod out the slide-fore w/ one hand, ensure the blowback rod indexer / seat slides forward, clearing the hole, then reinsert the field strip lever, if it had been removed. If unsure on how to do it, please see;

Lanyard loophole

Yes, behind magazine floorplate

Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ Phillips drive, diamond checkered polymer set

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail


BLOW F92 BLANK GUN - BLACK/BROWN - NeonSales South Africa

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