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This is the BLOW F90 - an aesthetically pleasant pistol based off of the Beretta 92 platform w/ a few variations. 

Off the bat, we have an all-metal, weighty large frame categorized pistol, w/ a cut-out slide riding on a 5" barrel. The cocking serrations on the rear of the slide are tall and very grippy, similar to those found on the TR14 model. This really makes racking the slide a breeze, compared to racking the slide on the F92 model, which already is fairly easy.

The safety here is the same as on the F92 model - ambidextrous, slide-mounted that is both easily and reliably toggled bby only neeeding to remove your entire thumb digit off the handle. You can still hold the gun upward and directed otherwise, though your sight picture may just become a little / temporarily disrupted.

Thanks to the open-top design of the slide, the ejection port becomes completely unroofed when the slide actuates to the rearward extremity, assisting in the ejection of spent cartridges. The extractor of course, is mounted on the top-right of the slide, just above the cocking serrations.
The hammer likewise is identical to that found on the BLOW F92 - large pinholed crescent steeped w/ cross-serrating for better tactile interfacing, sloped up bbehind a lower ridge, which overlooks the flat striking face that meets the rear of the firing pin.

The magazine release is a reverse D-shaped button w/ ascending / layered concentric checkering which, due to the slimmer grip stocks found on this pistol, compared to the broader ones found on the F92, has a better, more positive / raised feel. It also depresses much easier on this model, than on the F92.

The grip panels here are mostly featureless, safe for a few cow-patch stipple panels that are, per BLOW's usual design style, less aggressive and the pattern has a lower resolution. It is placed however, where the critical parts of the hand would meet the gripstock. That, accompanied by the vertical serrating both on the front and rear of the handle, does add for a modest grip on the pistol. Not as proper as those featured on the RETAY MOD 92 as course, but certainly does BLOW the F92's gripstocks out of the water!

The sights here slightly differs from those on the F92 - the rear one in particular, lacks the lower 'stable door' inset, providing a more 'squared' aperture at the rear, which we like a little better.

In addition to all the aforementioned, we have the striking underbarrel feature - a sort of "prop", presumably intended to imitate an underbarrel-fitted laser pointer or flashlight, but really is just a piece of furniture. It does add a bit of visual appeal, which looks really nice. It can however, be removed by means of a phillips drive screwdriver, by the screw inset as illustrated. You could always try to make a plan and attach a Picatinny rail there, if you are a handy machinist.

Technical Specifications:

Replica of

MODIFIED BERETTA 92, VEKTOR Z88 (no licensing marks), w/ a small underbarrel prop attached.


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Trigger Action
Single Action, Semi Auto.

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal, plastic grip stocks


Yes, ambidextrous thumb switch on rear of slide

Ease of Field Strip

7/10 – Very intuitive, though the blowback rod must be pulled forward for the takedown lever to reinsert. Since the blowback spring isn't too stiff, you can hold that rod out the slide-fore w/ one hand, ensure the blowback rod indexer / seat slides forward, clearing the hole, then reinsert the field strip lever, if it had been removed. If unsure on how to do it, please see;

Lanyard loophole

Yes, behind magazine floorplate

Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ Phillips drive (two c/sunk screws), smooth w/ three stippled patches

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

No, only a prop affixed there, although the metric threaded screwhole can be repurposed...

BLOW F90 BLANK GUN - SHINY CHROME - NeonSales South Africa

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