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Laser module used to produce a small projected bright red dot, which is more intended for indoor as well as night-time usage. This module is entirely aluminium and we test them prior to dispatching, just to make sure that it functions properly.

This module clamps around most types of barrels directly, however, it is neither firearm nor recoil rated.

It comes supplied w/ the necessary allen keys to tighten/loosen the laser module, which is 3-point retained - two long machine screws affixes the bracket around the barrel and it has some padding for this purpose. We recommend a double layer of insulation tape around the barrel both to secure this module in place as well as to protect the finish on the barrel itself.

Thereafter, once so lapped, one should evenly affix the bracket on w/ the laser module lightly clamped in its own brace. Once the bracket itself is installed onto the barrel, then one can start zeroing the laser dot in. 

Just be aware that the adjustment screws on this module is limited in its adjustment range, so you'll need to have the laser module pointed more or less in the right direction, then tighten the base screw up. If this isn't working, rotate the module around until you get the correct laser dot placement, then move the module upward and downward as desired. With that set, you can now tighten up your laser module.

Thereafter, you can commence shooting;

Shoot a grouping of five paintballs and whilst keeping your marker fixed in position, adjust the windage and elevation with the appropriate allen key supplied, setting your laser module into the middle of that grouping and shoot again at the different spot, using the exact same rested position and check your grouping. Also loosen / tighten your marker's spring as is appropriate if your grouping isn't tight if you have a SPYDER.

 The module should now be ready for field use.

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