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The ASG CZ 75 Blowback Gas Gun is an airsoft pistol designed for enthusiasts who seek a realistic shooting experience. Manufactured by ActionSportGames (ASG), the CZ 75 gas blowback pistol is a replica of the popular CZ 75 firearm. This airsoft gun is well-known for its attention to detail, authentic design, and blowback action, which mimics the recoil of a real firearm.


  1. Realistic Design: The ASG CZ 75 is meticulously crafted to replicate the appearance and feel of the CZ 75 firearm. Its authentic design makes it a popular choice for enthusiasts who appreciate the attention to detail in airsoft replicas.

  2. Gas Blowback Action: One of the standout features of the CZ 75 is its gas blowback mechanism. This system simulates the recoil and slide movement of a real firearm, providing a more immersive and realistic shooting experience. After each shot, the slide moves back, ejecting the spent cartridge, and then resets for the next round.

  3. Metal Construction: The CZ 75 is often constructed with a combination of metal and durable polymer components. The metal slide adds weight and realism to the gun, while the polymer frame ensures a comfortable grip and overall durability.

  4. Gas-Powered Operation: The CZ 75 operates on gas, commonly using green gas or CO2 cartridges, depending on the specific model. This gas-powered mechanism propels the airsoft BBs with energy, contributing to the blowback action.

  5. Adjustable Hop-Up: The airsoft pistol typically features an adjustable hop-up system. This allows users to fine-tune the trajectory of the BBs for optimal accuracy over various distances.

  6. Magazine Capacity: The CZ 75 comes with a detachable magazine that holds airsoft BBs. The magazine capacity varies depending on the model, providing options for different scenarios and playstyles.

  7. Safety Features: The airsoft gun is equipped with safety features, including a manual safety switch and often a functional decocker, enhancing user safety during handling and storage.

  8. Fixed or Adjustable Sights: Depending on the specific model, the CZ 75 may feature fixed or adjustable iron sights. Adjustable sights allow users to customize their aim for different distances.

  9. Ergonomic Grip: The pistol is designed with an ergonomic grip, offering a comfortable and secure hold for users. This design feature contributes to better control and handling during airsoft games or training sessions.

  10. Authentic Markings: ASG pays attention to authentic markings, including trademarks and engravings, to make the CZ 75 replica as close to the real firearm as possible.

  11. Compatible Accessories: The CZ 75 may be compatible with various accessories such as laser sights or flashlights, allowing users to customize their airsoft pistol according to their preferences.


  • Length: 186mm/7,5inch
  • Barrel length: 83,5mm/3,4inch
  • Mag. Capacity: 20 rounds
  • Standard Mag.: 16721
  • Hop Up Type: None
  • Velocity: 105ms/344fps
  • Weight: 820gr/1,8lb
  • Energy: 1,7-2,1 Joule

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