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Commercial type 40.86g (Average between 10 units weighed) threadless pneumatic CO2 cartridge, also known as a 'Powerlet'.�
Used to power our range of CO2 pistols and certain rifles as well.
Expected shot supply for Blowback pistols: 35 - 70
Expected shot supply for Non Blowback pistols: 55 - 90, beyond possibly, but at lower muzzle velocity
CO2 is cold and will gradually dry out your airgun's seals, making them brittle and will cause fault lines that will gradually expand and/or increase. Therefore, lubricate your airguns seals regularly with silicone spray. Best is to use non-propane solution, as propane corrodes polymers
CO2 storage inside gun when not shooting, is not recommended by manufacturers. Generally speaking, if stored in a cool place, shouldn't cause problems, but not strictly recommended. Do so at own risk.
CO2 performs optimally between 20 and 30 degrees celcius. The hotter they are, the higher their internal pressure. CO2 will also cool off after successive shots and likewise, the muzzle velocity will drop. Try maintain within ideal operating temperature brackets.

The content by mass is mostly comprised of liquid carbon dioxide, pressurized at 850 PSI which weighs in on average at 12.03g CO2 (29.46% content fill)

Cartridges are over-engineered for safety, won't explode if accidentally dropped at 1m to a hard surface, and predictably shouldn't even at 5m.
DO NOT throw it on fire or leave it in similarly heated conditions. At 50 degrees celsius the content will become unstable
CO2 is non-toxic, but sufficient dosage can cause asphyxia due to oxygen displacement. Keep away from respiratory organs. CO2 flashing out can be as cold as -33 degrees Celsius, therefore, to avoid frostburn, keep away from skin.

CO2 12 Gram Cartridges | CO2 12 Gram | NeonSales

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