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In this combo you will receive the following :

1 X Stello P29 Blank Gun
10 X V-Sport Blank Rounds (Max Pressure Legal Cartridge)
1 X Ambidextrous IWB Holster
1 X American Style Teargas Spray - 110ml

This is the ASELKON P29 - one of the nicest P29 replicas on the market - operates clean and crisp, which we do really like!

Key Features;

  • Clean and crisp cycling - racking the slide on the pistol does have a very postive feel, not the vague backstop feel like you'd have on the BLOW P29. We would put this pistol roughly in league w/ the NIKSAN 84FS, though the overall finish on this pistol is not 100% like the said NIKSAN.
  • Nice and widely grooved cocking serrations, bites a little less into one's fingers
  • Narrow grip stocks - makes it nice and easy to manipulate the gun.
  • 8+1 Magazine capacity
  • Lovely compact vintage pistol, a bit beefier than the PPK, though more closely resembles the notion of an actual compact vintage firearm


We think this is a really nice alternative to the 84FS type replicas on the market - this one likewise is all metal, similarly dimensioned and single stack magazine fed as well.

This pistol does feature a few upgrades over the BLOW P29 model;

• Narrowed grip stocks
• Reduced tolerances on the gun / interfitting components
• Positively racks to the rearward extremity of the slide rail - a double clack sound is produced when the slide is properly racked. The BLOW P29 only produces a single sound as the slide forcibly stops into its reset position
• Broadened grooves on the cocking serrations, along w/ a slightly lighter blowback spring, to rack the slide more comfortably.
• Shortened trigger slack and trigger reset length. The 'wall' that needs to be scaled in order for the sear to release, is slightly lightened / eased off as well, though not perfectly crisp.
• Overall sturdier feel of the pistol
• Aggressive diamond checkered grip stocks - Not as tacky as the RETAY 84FS, but is sufficiently grippy.
• Reduced play on the magazine when fully engaged into the magwell


We do like and would certainly recommend this pistol as a concealed carry option - This pistol does reliably break-in after giving all the controls a bit opf a wiggle, likewise, when dry cycling the pistol a few magazine loads through, the cycling will occur reliably too. NB - You have to break the pistol in prior to use, similarly to breaking in a leather boot, before wearing it.

The feel on this pistol is nice and narrow w/ thorough diamond checkered panels for superior grip, prohibiting the slippage of one's grips from the handles. The magazine release also hearkens toward the 84FS design, not featuring the radial groove around the magazine release button. The said button doesn't require thorough depressing in order to let the magazine out. One can almost accomplish this by holding the handle firmly in one's grasp without needing to shift it, but, one might need to slightly shift one's grip on the handle to properly get at the release button.

The safety lever is a little stiff and does require some encouragement to toggle - it is frame mounted, just in front of the beaver tail, likewise features steppings that are angled to better grip to one's thumb. We feel this little niche on these P29 models is really lovely and does help make toggling this otherwise stiff lever, easier.

This pistol extracts toward the right, w/ a rectungularly gapped ejection port and a double extraction lever, for more reliable cartridge extraction.

This pistol is both single and double action as one might've guessed, by the presence of the hammer - it features a jutting ridge marked w/ cross serrating, though not too aggressive, though, if you hold your thumb onto the space in front of the ridge, you should be able to toggle this control just fine.

The magazine is sheet steel folded into shape, w/ a polymer magazine follower, magazine baseplate and floorplate. The following spring is stiff right out of the box and will likely remain so for quite some time, even after frequent tension and untensioning of the spring. The magazine otherwise disassembles as the staple of blank gun magazines would.

Otherwise, our general opinion of this pistol is quite positive, especially regarding the aforementioned upgrades this model features over the BLOW P29 model. It really is a nice breath of fresh air to have a P29 replica that feels of quality.

Technical Specifications;


Replica of



9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight 806 grams
Trigger Action
Single Action, Double Action

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



All Metal


Yes, ambidextrous thumb switch on rear of slide, these are angularly stepped as well

Ease of Field Strip


8/10 - The blowback spring isn't very stiff, so by racking the slide a little, you can pull the rod slightly forward and drop the field strip lever out. Thereafter, the slide comes right off at the back. Simply and uncomplicated, but not really eloquent.

Lanyard loophole


Removable gripstocks

Yes w/ Phillips drive, moderately course diamond checkered polymer set

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail



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