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Knife, fork and spoon. This trio of essential tools that we use each day is only a symbolic part of the multitude of items that form a complete cutlery set. The stainless steel from which they are made gives them a strength and durability that seems almost endless.

Different designs for each occasion to fit any taste and to complement any table.

Blades are made from martensitic stainless steel with a high percentage of added chrome allowing them to achieve a level of 48 HRc hardness. Composition: 0,30% carbon (C); 13,70% chrome (Cr); 0,30% magnisium (Mn); 0,20% silicon (Si).

Each handle is different depending on the materials used for each model: laminated wood impregnated of phenol resin, stainless steel and polypropylene. Water resistance, hardness and durability and dishwasher safe.

Rivets can be made of stainless steel, brass or high strength aluminum depending on the model.


Exclusive, high usable and lasting NITRUM� stainless steel.

NITRUM � is the new, ecological formula for nitrogen steel, only available only in ARCOS knives steel. Its new microstructure makes a difference regarding knives performance.

What does NITRUM � provide to a knife?

Improved hardness means longer lasting sharpness.

Improved Microstructure means higher resistance to corrosion.

Improved Edge Durability means keeping your knife�s cutting power for longer periods of time.� Hence, knives would need to be re-sharpened less often.

NITRUM � stainless steel qualities:

� � �Exclusive, high usable and lasting�NITRUM��stainless steel.

� � �Enhanced Initial Cutting Power:� NITRUM� tested 70% higher than the ISO 8442-5 norm.

� � �Edge Durability: NITRUM� tested 200% higher than the ISO 8442-5 norm.

� � �The NITRUM� production process is friendly with the environment.


The NITRUM� production process is friendly with the environment.� Nitrogen is readily available in the atmosphere, and its stainless steel enrichment process has no negative effect on the air, water or soil.


The ergonomic design of the handles has an important hallmark: its manufacturing, since it is a process of injection made directly to the blade of the knife through injected polypropylene (PP) compounds: hygienic plastic material with a good stability when dealing with blows, and which prevents slippage; and high-temperature resistant (120-130 Celsius). The plastic melts in such a way that, once injected into the mold at a certain temperature, pressure and speed, it becomes solidified, giving as a result an inseparable set of blade and handle, without gaps by where rests of food could be hosted, in accordance with health standard ISO 8442-1.

ARCO STYLED STEAK 8.C7400 - 105MM - NeonSales

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