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Good little headlamp for the price, featuring 3x front lights; 1x auxilliary lamp and two support ones. The latter are in series configuration, while the main one operates independantly. The support lamps are encased in polymer and surprisingly, can swivel independantly. That being said, you can have your main lamp directed ahead, while your support lamps would be swiveled and directed downward to illuminate the path directly ahead for uneven terrain / hazards. The mount bracket for the lights can also hinge up and down, whereby the auzilliary lamp's directional illumination can be adjusted. The tension on this hinge can also be adjusted w/ a phillips drive, as the other end has a locknut insert that will retain your tension setting.

There is likewise a dim red lamp at the rear, at the back of the battery enclosure, which activates whenever the power switch is toggled and regardless of the brightness mode, this lamp has only one setting. The sole exception here being the strobe mode, where this red tail light would flicker at the same frequency as the frontal one.

Everything is already pre-assembled out of the box w/ the exception of the batteries, which just needs to be installed at the back. This compartment is covered up by means of the supplied rubber lid which just slips right back over. There is a small keyring that retains the rubbber slip-on, preventing you from accidentally losing it.

Unparticularly themed elastic bands retain the entire headlamp together, providing support/clamps for the wiring that runs along the left of the straps that goes around the cranium. These straps, via three points of contact, retain the plastic mount bracket/adapter for the illumination module, connecting it to the battery compartment at the rear while simultaneously providing head support / aiding in module retention around the head. The straps are also fully adjustable horizontally and vertically, by three bar retainers, which helps this module conform to different head / helmet sizes. For those who might be concerned - the wiring running along the left of the head has a flexi-coil that can handle stretching and the retainer clips fixed on the elastic can move around. The wire can also spool freely through them, which minimizes the mounting stress on the wire.

The adjustability range on the horizontal axis is 130mm  through to about 220mm, but can possibly be stretched to accomodate a skull diameter of 250mm.

 This module is powered by 2x 18650 Li-Ion batteries, which comes included. They are ANDOWL branded, however, the specifications denoted on them shouldn't be taken as accurate by any measure. As we always recommend - use a reliable battery charger w/ overcharging protection, that is capable of detecting the real capacity of the batteries and charge them accordingly thereto.

Nevertheless, supplied with this module, you will receive a 220V two pronged wall outlet adapter and a cigar lighter / vehicle adapter for recharging the batteries. Both are equiped with the jack that plugs into the battery compartment on the headlamp module.


Our initial and inspection impression of this lamp is quite good - It will most certainly not have the durability and longevity of a NITECORE branded module, but if you look after this module, refrain from overcharging your batteries, then you should see years of use out of this module.

Please note that we do not however, guarentee this product against mishandling / accidents, such as dropping it or using this product in a forcible manner, such as using force to try to take batteries out or if the straps for example, were to snap / break due to abrasion. If the module falls and ceases to function, we can also unfortunately not effect any warranty claims.


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