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Nifty outdoorsman flashlight that comes integrated with two utility modes, besides the three brightness settings.

The lanyard comes installed on the flashlight out of the box and this is particularly useful to avoid dropping your flashlight or by extension, losing it.

The flashlight's control is at the rear, the orange button as illustrated, so this flashlight can be handled with just one hand and leave your other hand free.

The main handling area on the flashlight shaft is faintly diamond checkered and the battery compartment does thread out easier than cheaper flashlight models. It furthermore utilizes a 18650 battery, which comes included.

This flashlightis otherwise manufactured from aluminium and is black anodized. The button at the rear is a flexi TPR rubber.

It appears to have a striking bezel of sorts, though this bezel barely towers out over the bulbous lense, so if you do intend on using this flashlight to perform a stab-attack, be mindful that you might bugger / crack the lense. The bezel interior is female threaded to accept a traffic cone wand.

The nape of the flashlight is telescopic (forwards and backwards), which can be useful for illuminating more distantly or otherwise intensify the illumination power if conducting a search through someone's goods at a checkpoint, for example.

Overall, this flashlight measures 138mm in length w/ the head retracted and 157mm when fully protruded.

The hull diameter measures ø30mm and the flashlight face, 26mm.

The lense face can be removed by threading it out.


Modes of operation:

This flashlight features 3x brightness settings, which can be sequentially scrolled through.

Thereafter, a strobe mode can be accessed.

Thereafter, an SOS mode, which blinks out the letters in morse code.

Whether emergency / rescue services would nowadays respond to morse code is unclear, as it has been phased out of the cirriculum of most first reponse branches, both government and non-government. That being said, its usefulness might be limited.


Our overall opinion of this flashlight for its pricetag is positive, it weighs in 176 grams, compared to the lighterwight 130-ish grams that the other ones weigh. That, with the shaft diameter, lends for a beefy feel on the flashlight. Moreover, you can quickly cycle through the modes by just partially pressing the power button in. However, to power the flashlight on and off, you will need to depress this orange button until you hear the positive click sound.

We would have liked to see this rear button being dome shaped and featuring some knurling, but for the price, we won't complain.

Finally, it would perhaps have been nice to be able to charge the battery directly in the flashlight, but due to the poor ingress protection of the charging port shielding on these cheapie flashlights, it is perhaps better to have an exterior battrery charger, so that if this were for some reason to get buggered, you won't lose your flashlight. The charger can always be replaced as such.

Included in this package, you will receive:

  • 1x ANDOWL Q-S104 Glare Flashlight
  • 1x 3x AAA battery adapter
  • 1x DC 12v cigar port / car charger (ø3.5mm male jack)
  • 1x 240v two pronged charger (ø3.5mm male jack)
  • 1x 18650 Single battery charger w/ female ø3.5mm jack

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