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Neat little flashlight, not a bad deal for the given price either.

Comparably, it prices in higher than the other ANDOWL range of flashlights and with good reason as well;
• Nifty STEEL pocket clip included, measuring 45mm x 14mm (at its narrowest point) and about 0.8mm thick. So while tough, it might be liable to bend as the grade of steel used is not the best.
• The rear of the flashlight handle has non-overlapping box checkering
• Comes w/ a lanyard, attached to a rotating rear non-removable cap.

Again, here we have the quarterly power display, as four small LEDs which display the remainder voltage. Three blue LEDs being on for example, would indicate approximately 75 - 50% power left.

The focal head itself has a series of periodic line protrusions which, mostly assist in handling traction to toggle the focus on the light / set its intensity. To some minimal extent, the periods between the sets of three protrusions are useful roll-stoppers, however, the pocket clips seems to break rolling momentum the best.

The bezel is crenelled, though due to the bulbous form of the lense, we don't recommend using the bezel to strike with. Also, these cheapie flashlights have no integrated recoil springs to protect the circuitry from impact, so use this as a striking tool, completely at your own risk.

The battery on this module is integrated and a red flexi-sock covers up the charging port, lending some ingress protection.

We also appreciate that the power switch is in clear red and toggles crisply. It also doesn't get confused if you were to toggle rapidly;
Pushing the power button 6x times from OFF position as fast as you can, will see the flashlight reset back to its original OFF position, which is nice.

Three modes of brightness, one strobe mode and one SOS mode.


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