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This product is really nice and interesting to have played with. The instruction manual is in clear enough English to get started with this product within 5 minutes. 

It will collect 10x copies of the administrator's fingerprint, while also permitting the second user administrator rights. Users 3 - 10 do not count as administrators and only have access rights. 

In terms of the strength of this padlock - it will make whatever it locks just tamperproof, such as a gyn bag, maybe a handbag, luggage case, etc. It does not need keys and are neither compatible with those nor are they bluetooth or otherwise internet compatible, so they cannot be hacked. They will most certainly be hard-pressed to try and cut through the locking arm, which is rubber-encapsulated twisted steel fibre cable, though the padlock itself could likely be banged up with a hammer, if they can push it flat against a hard surface.

No serious ingress protectin rating on this padlock, so please use it only indoors. It should otherwise be able to survive a small drizzle of rain, but we cannot offer any warranty if it doesn't.

The LED above the fingerprint reader does flash crisp per fingerprint read report in tandem with the beep tone of the integrated speaker. It unfortunately does not have a silent mode

From the manufacturer's website:

"Do you often wonder where the key to the suitcase lock is?

Not anymore!

The high sensitivity of the fingerprint reader allows you to unlock it with a single touch in a second.

Lightweight and portable.

Suitable for the suitcase, gym, school, office, or any kind of locker.

The lock can be programmed with 10 different fingerprints, the first (AND SECOND) registered is automatically assigned as administrator fingerprint and can be used to add / revoke other fingerprints

Energy efficient.

Excellent strength and durability.

You don't have to worry about losing the key and password, your finger is the key or password.

2x CR2032 batteries required (Inluded in the packaging)

Size : 4.7x7.5x1.5cm." .



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