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The slide here has a tiger stripe in black & storm cloud grey, which does add a fancy finish to the slide. Certainly unique!

This is the K9 offering from AKSA - a nice full polymer frame gun.

It has a medium size BERETTA-esque appearance, w/ your metal slide that is cut-open across the upper dome shape, to allow for ease of cartridge extraction / minimal extraction-related failures. The serrations are right behind the ejection port on both sides; a fine slanted series of grooves, which are tall and abundant, to ensure one has an easy grip on the slide w/ less risk of slippage. The safety behind this of course, is amnbidextrous featuring stepped texturing on the lower and upper side of the lever blades, which does wonders for the ease of toggling the safety. That and the fact that the safety toggles w/ ease, making it really effortless to flip this lever.

The barrel end is female threaded and a constrictor is threaded in to cause blowback of some of the gas to ensure that the slide actuates rearward per shot fired. Removing this will disable the pistol's ability to shoot semi-automatic.

The hammer is moderately stiff as it should be, being cross-serrated across the apex of its head when in reset position and makes it moderately easy to cock the hammer w/ your thumb with the rest of your hand around the pistol handle.

The play on the slide is minimal and if you shake the pistol around abit, the tighter tolerances of its design becomes apparent.

The frame itself features finger grooves, three of them specifically and a curvature at the bottom of the handle to counteract one's hand slipping down off the frame. The frame also features an ambidextrous finger rest.
This pistol moreover features an underbarrel Picatinny rail w/ two slots for mounting a target-acquisition assist, such as a flashlight or a laser pointer. Also nice of course, is the lanyard loophole behind the magazine floorplate.

We do however like the short stretch of the trigger reset - unlike some other BERETTA type replica guns such as the BLOW P29 and RETAY 84 FS, the trigger here has a short reset stroke w/ minimum takeup needed to reach the wall/sear barrier, which does allow for easier-feeling follow-up shots, especially useful in stressful situations.

Our only real dislike of this pistol is that the safety tabs, at the front, is somewhat sharp and may cause an unpleasant sensation on your fingers when racking the slide, though they can always be filed down.

The slide catch release is traditional - a raised cylindrical tab that is concentrically checkered, but w/ a plateau on top. The slide catch likewise, is straight horizontally serrated for improved traction w/ a rounded upper to assist in the ease of pressing this lever downward.

It is a beefy-feeling gun, which does lend to a modestly firm grip in one's hand.

Our overall impression of this blank gun s positive and this gun does reliably extract the cartridges w/ no problem. The magazine spring is a bit stiff, so you might need to break it in.

Please also note that whilst putting the pistol on SAFE, you inhibit the slide from being pulled, but w/ a little force, the slide can be racked and simultaneously, the position of the safety lever will reposition toward "FIRE".

Technical Specifications;

Replica of

Unclear / BERETTA-esque type blank gun


9x22mm P.A.K

Venting Front
Pepper cartridge compatible? Yes

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (grams)


Trigger Action
Single Action / Double Action

Firing method

Hammer fired

Magazine capacity



Metal upper, polymer frame


Yes, ambidextrous thumb switch on rear of slide

Ease of Field Strip

7/10 - Really easy and straight forward.. Rotate the takedown lever 90° clockwise from the 3 'o clock position to the 6 'o clock position. From there it can be pulled out. Thereafter, the slide hitches off at the rear and the slide can be disenged freehand from the upper of the pistol.
The internals as illustrated, can thereafter be removed.

To reassemble the gun, justy reverse the process as indicated.

Lanyard loophole

Yes. Rare for a polymer frame pistol

Removable gripstocks

Unfortunately not. To change the grip, you'll need to change the entire frame.

Magazine Release


Underbarrel Picatinny Rail

Yes. Double slot, MIL-STD 1913 / Picatinny


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