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We started bringing these solids in as a solution for those who wanted a more accurate-firing solid round, but don't necessarily want to go the way of FIRST-STRIKE / don't want to spent the extra buck to buy a Tiberius T15 or otherwise make permanent modifications to their paintball marker.

These are precision blow-moulded solids - we guarentee that these are more spherical than the run-of-the-mill ".68 calibre unbranded solids sold over the counter.

80 - 85% of the balls feature as little blow-mould seam line as possible w/ a faint seperation point.

These feature the same type of dimples found on a golf ball, which helps these fly straight if hit right, across the fairway.

They weigh in 50.4 ~ 51.6 gr (out of a test sample of 20 units) and are blow-moulded from nylon.

Upgraded paintball-marker spring compatible. If you experience accuracy issues, please switch to using a regulated HPA power source instead.. You'll be surprised by the results! If the muzzle velocity is lower, feel free to tune the regulator up (please do it in 50~100 PSI increments, to see which setting gets you the ideal power : accuracy ratio.

You can expect tighter groupings with these compared to ordinary solids, likewise your longer distance accuracy should see an improvement as well.

.68 CAL PRECISION NYLON SOLIDS (51GR) - 100's - NeonSales South Africa

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