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Aluminum CNC machined

Fits a 30mm monotube. Width: �20.90mm w/ 2x hex locking screws on each side

Mount rings are lined out bottom and top w/ anti-scratch strips of fine woven webbing, 13mm wide, approximately centered.

Has a peephole each, �8.75 (H) x �14.85 (L) mm, approximately centered between the ring clamp and the weaver mount.

Clearance off of the railing from the lowest point in mount ring diameter: �22mm�

Q/M = Quick Mount; Has broad rail lockscrews that allow for generous finger tightening. Also has 3.38mm holes for tool fastening w/ ex. a small Allen key (The one provided will suffice w/ minimal play)

Included in this package: An appropriately sized steel Allen key for fastening all the necessary lockscrews.

All lockscrews on these mounts are steel and whilst being incredibly robust as a result, they can and will strip out the threaded aluminum holes, whilst themselves being susceptible to corrosion.

The tops of the mounting ring have a �14mm wide flat surfaces on top for leveling the mount rings once mounted on the rifle and lightly finger-fastened into the rail.

The bottom partially threaded bolt is locked in place - the nut and rail clamp can thread off, however. this makes it easier to clamp these mount rings onto the rail.

These mount rings aren't precision milled by any standard - they are intended primarily for cheaper / unbranded scopes where the price of the scope would typically far underscore all its features and manufacturer claims. Nonetheless, for plinking up to 30, maybe 40 or 50 meters w/out expecting tight groupings, these scope mount rings will definitely deliver. No need to mention pest control at closer distances, using a lower-end PCP rifle. Not recommended for use w/ harder recoiling break- or- underlever cocking levers

30MM WEAVER, HIGH Q/M MOUNT RINGS, AL - NeonSales South Africa

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