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The Man Kung MK-AL14-R #2018 Crossbow Bolts are essential components for any crossbow setup. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Length: These bolts measure 14 inches (35.6 cm).
  • Diameter: They have a diameter of 8 mm.
  • Shaft Material: Crafted from durable aluminum alloy 2018.
  • Outside Diameter: (Tip Size): 5/16"
  • Vanes: Each bolt features 3 vanes for stability.
  • Point Type: Equipped with field points.
  • Weight: 296gn (19g)
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various Man Kung crossbow models, including MK-120, MK-160B, MK-160AC, MK-180B, and MK-180AC .
  • Color: The shaft is black, while the vanes come in yellow (2) and red (1).
  • Quantity: Sold as individual bolts.
  • Very good accuracy while using broadheads.

These crossbow bolts are designed to deliver accuracy and consistency with each shot. Whether you’re honing your skills on the range or pursuing game in the field, the MK-AL14-R #2018 Crossbow Bolts ensure that your shots hit the mark with precision and confidence. Their versatility and durability make them a valuable addition to any crossbow setup.

Established in 1988, the Man Kung Company is committed to designing and manufacturing outstanding crossbows, knives, and related products. Their dedication to quality has earned them a reputable name in both domestic and international markets.


Proper crossbow bolt care is essential to maintain your equipment’s performance and safety. Here are some important practices to follow:

  1. Inspect Your String and Cables:

    • Regularly check the strings and cables of your crossbow.
    • Ensure they are well-lubricated, free from frays, bends, or snags.
    • The bowstring should be taut and smoothly run through the cams.
    • Replace any damaged parts promptly.
  2. Clean Your Crossbow:

    • Even a small amount of dirt or grime can affect accuracy.
    • After each use during the hunting season, wipe down the main surfaces.
    • Use compressed air (similar to cleaning a laptop keyboard) to reach grooves and tight spaces.
  3. Clean Your Crossbow Scope:

    • A clean scope ensures optimal accuracy.
    • Create a mild solution of water and a drop of dish soap.
    • Dab the solution on the lens (inside and outside) to remove dust particles.
    • Use pure water to wipe the lens gently.
    • Clean the inside of the scope and where the lens meets the scope bell.
    • Dry the scope with a cotton swab to remove excess moisture.
  4. Apply Wax and Conditioner to the String and Cables:

    • Regularly apply wax to the string and cables to prevent wear and maintain flexibility.
    • Proper lubrication extends their lifespan.
  5. Inspect Crossbow Bolts (Arrows):

    • Before each use, carefully inspect bolts (arrows).
    • Ensure all parts are tightly fitted and compatible with your crossbow.
    • Replace any loose or damaged bolts.

Remember, a damaged bolt could lead to misfires, affecting accuracy and potentially causing harm. Regular maintenance ensures your crossbow performs optimally and increases your chances of hunting success.

Happy hunting! 🏹🌟

Here's a nice product walk-around little video;

MANKUNG 14" ALUMINIUM BOLT W/ FIELD TIP - 1's - NeonSales South Africa

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