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ACETAL SHOT .68 54GR - 100'S

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Key Features;

  • .68 calibre / 0.68”
  • Medium weighted shot at a bargain of a price, excellent as a staple.
  • Does not fly straight after 25 meters, like most low priced solids, however, when using regulated HPA as a powerplant, these rounds will curve consistently.
  • Hard hitting, ideal for use w/ regular power upgraded TIPPMANN markers - w/ the power upgraded, you'll look at ±330 FPS, which is quite hefty.
  • The best value round / quality : price ratio


White hard balls manufactured from engineered grade plastic. These balls sport low surface friction (won't wear against your marker barrel's interior as much, will mostly retain its dimensions regardless of changes in temperature, especially sudden changes for example, just as the balls leave the barrel.)

Consider this in conjunction with a HPA power source, and you'll be shooting balls consistently at 20 m's, when more accuracy is desired, for example, against fleeing looters. The white colour make these rounds useful as "tracer shot", so when shooting w/out sights and correcting aim per shot fired, expect to be able to rake in accurate head and face shots, which does alot of damage to enemy morale.

Key features:

54 ~ 55.5 grain - Weighty little ball, though should be considered as a "medium" weight round for a paintball marker. These rounds love upgraded springs and do curve quite consistently when shot w/ regulated HPA.

White colour - reflects easy in both artificial and natural light. During daylight, against darker backdrops such as bush and tar road, these balls will contrast. When shot otherwise during daytime, you'll need to remain focused on the moving silhouette of this ball to see it fly and where it curved, to correct your follow-up shot.

Harder hitting - against drunk looters, at 5m's these will sting the abdominals w/out leaving signs of debilitating injury. They will just recoil in pain, before they would turn around and make a run for it.

These balls perform well at longer distances in conjunction w/ a 14" barrel w/ a fluted muzzle brake. They curve in nicely and will take out the boetie trying to hide inbetween the pallisades. He'll come out w/ his hands in the air in no time.


ACETAL SHOT .68 54GR - 100'S
ACETAL SHOT .68 54GR - 100'S

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