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3-point sling constructed from nylon webbing; not suitable for use with an real assault rifle, as the nylon will unavoidably melt when exposed to the hot barrel shroud, but will suit airsoft and paintball duty usage fine.

With this sling, you can carry either in two-point or three point mode.

In three point mode, you have the outer V opening going over your back and the cross strap running along the support-hand side of the rifle. The adjustor piece, when shifted to the front, allows for carrying the rifle muzzle-down, also allows for quick, ergonomical fast-shouldering. When wearing over the left shoulder, it allows for 'riding shotgun' or carrying over the left shoulder. Also, it allows for 'patrol carry', where the rifle is carried horizintally at the hip.

It also has an adjustor tab, allowing the sling to be tightened up to the torso for tight, hands-free carry.

If the adjustor piece is shifted completely to the back, the sling can effectively be converted to a single point sling, meaning, the sling dangles from one point off of the body, which is ideal for switching from shoulder to shoulder or switching out magazines, but makes carrying the rifle more impractical.

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